The Daily Button – June 16th, 2008

If you haven’t caught our upcoming site preview, take a gander at this thread . I release a few screen shots that should get you guys salivating :). Reply #2 and 16 have the screenshots.

On the advertising front, we have a couple of new advertisers with us. The banner position is taken by , they have a nice supply of tuner cards, cable and sat installation tools,lots of satellite supplies and lots more such as home theater cables. It always appreciated if you support’s advertisers:). Did I mention they have the new Fusion 7 dual ATSC tuner in stock?

HP and Microsoft will be with us for a bit as they advertise their upcoming webinar on HP’s new MediaSmart Extenders. I am very impressed with the banner that HP gave. The transparency makes it very unobtrusive :). I encourage you to sign up, if nothing else, you will get the chance to listen to Mike live :).

Vista Automation News: More information on Embedded Automation’s mPanel @ Chris L

Vista Plugin News: MC Organizer is now Movie Collector MCE and owned by @ mcezone and

Blu-ray News: Blu-ray releases for this week @ EngadgetHd

DivX News: DSM-330 HD Media PLayer first look @ PVRWire

Display Device News: LG 47LG60, 1080p, $2600 LCD review @ Sound & Vision

Display Device News: Samsung SP-A800B 1080p, $9999 MSRP projector review @ c|net

Amp News: Rotel RMB-1085 Amplifier review @ Audioholics

Extender News: Xbox 360 price cut coming soon @ crave

Video Card News: G200 series reviews/coverage @ Elite Bastards . Anandtech , TechReport, Hardocp

CPU News: Intel E7200 overclocking @ Mad Shrimps

Motherboard News: ASUS M3N78-EMH GF 8200 mobo review @ Digit-Life

HDD Enclosure News: Vizo Uranus HDD Enclosure review @ Tech Reviews

Power Supply News: Seasonic M12II 500W PSU review @ APH Networks

Misc News: Digital Camera roundup @ Inside HW