Random Aside

I probably spend a bit too much time thinking about the site rather then doing. That is a curse I no doubt have to deal with. You will never win a game without a shot on goal I suppose :).

Matt and I were discussing the latest in TVs tonight. There have been a lot of announcements about upcoming technologies over the past several months and we are finally starting to see the fruits of that labor trickle into the market. There is a lot to consider these days and here are a few links to help you along in your struggle. TV buying can be a daunting process and we are certainly more then willing to help out in our forums. I know Matt loves to talk TV :). He has certainly edumacated me on more then one occasion.

The first link is from a S&V review that I no doubt linked but have long since forgotten about it. Matt relayed this review when discussing the latest in LED-backlit LCD TVs. S&V does a good job of explaining this tech so I won’t bore you with all the details, mostly because Matt and S&V do a better job :). Specifically this review covers Samsung’s first generation of LED backlit LCD.

In the near future, we can expect Sony to come out with LED equipped XBR TVs . I guess it is only fitting that their premium line of TVs get outfitted with the latest and greatest. As you can tell already, you will be paying a premium to get the latest and greatest. Last but not least on the link front, we have LG’s older announcement that they are going to come out with a slim and sexy LED-LCD TV (now renamed the LG90 series, due out by Fall). 

Random aside indeed. The TV links were really a segue into talking a bit about the future of the site :). The HTPC is the hub of many different experiences, obviously including TVs :). Below is a quick list.

  1. TV’s
  2. Digital Distribution
  3. Home Theater
  4. Movies
  5. TV
  6. Music
  7. HTPC hardware & building
  8. HTPC software

Add that together with the what is required to keep MR.com up and running:

  • Balancing advertising needs with our user needs
  • Advertising in general
  • Website maintenance and updates (John can write a book now)
  • Keeping content fresh (blogs and guides)
  • Finding the tools and resources to do proper reviews (software and hardware)

Am I complaining? Abslolutely not :). I enjoy it or I wouldn’t do it. Just a little insite into what goes through my mind on a daily basis. Back on track here, my goal has always been disseminate as much knowledge as we can through guides, blogs and reviews! With that said, would you guys prefer we focus only on HTPCs?

Would you like to see more 1-6?

Think you can do 1-6? Drop me a line alan at missingremote dot com. I hope you aren’t in it for the money if you do respond :). Share your thoughts, concerns, funny pictures. :).