Tip Of The Day: No Nonsense Cable Talk

The tips of the day have been rather sparse as of late. There is a good reason for this that I will be able to share later this month. I happened to stumble onto this tip of the day while taking a look at a couple of sites that I would love to have advertise on MissingRemote.com. Yes, on occasion we do have to do a cold sales approach to keep some advert money flowing in :). A few of you may know about Blue Jeans Cable through their advertising on AVSForum or their more recent fight with Monster Cable over patent and trademark claims – A great read by the way!

Lawyers aside, Blue Jeans Cable also has a series of articles devoted to explaining cables in layman’s terms. They cover everything from HDMI cable runs, gauge size, and of course the relationship between cost and cable quality.

The main article page can be found here.