Rumors about 2 geek favorites on Blu-ray

Bill Hunt over at The Digital Bits had a juicy update about Lord of the Rings coming to Blu-ray and Transformers finally coming to Blu-ray.

but perhaps the best bit for fans of those films on disc is direct confirmation that Jackson and company have already begun working on Blu-ray Disc versions of The Lord of the Rings films with Warner Home Video. Before you get your hopes up too high, however, our sources tell us you may not see them in stores until around the time the first Hobbit film hits in theatres in 2011. But that could change, so keep checking back here for updates.

Finally this morning, our sources also tell us to expect an official announcement from Paramount and DreamWorks VERY soon regarding Michael Bay’s Transformers coming to Blu-ray Disc later this year. We even hear the film is getting a new encode, optimized for the Blu-ray format. We’ll see.