Niveus Media releases Weather app


Niveus Media has designed a new Weather application for the lucky few rich folks who own one of their Media Servers. It’s currently in beta but available via their software labs for free only on Niveus machines. Niveus Media Real-time updates on your local 5-day forecast, including the Niveus Proprietary "Weather Strip", which incorporates weather updates from an unlimited number […]

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Help Test The Latest Version Of BeyondTV


The BeyondTV camp is certainly getting after it these days. They are currently public beta testing a new build with the following features. If you are interested in signing up, head on over to this link. Much faster library and scheduler Scrollable Couchville-style program guide in the web interface (see screenshot below) Lots of web interface improvements Update DivX and […]

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Vista Audio Playback

The folks (folk?) over at Amplio Audio just posted part two of a great write-up covering various topics relating to audio quality in both XP and Vista.  If you’re not familiar with Amplio, they’re developing external firewire soundcards with integrated amplifiers targeted at people who care about quality audio (aka audiophiles…). Amplio Audio In the original Part 1 article I mentioned comments I read in […]

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AMD Phenom X3 8750 Triple-Core @ InsideHW

Inside HW …" From the very beginning of computer epoch, opinion was that parallelization and everything connected to computers needs to be scaled to the second power, although it doesn’t matter if you have 1, 2 or even 73 cores. In any case, everything will work properly, unless we are talking about some old version of synthetic benchmark programs that […]

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Dynex 400W PSU Review

Sometimes some products fail to meet with the expectations their advertised claims purport.  How can a consumer be sure that their purchase lives up to the manufacturer’s/retailer’s hype? Well you do a little research, of course.  In this case has reviewed a commonly available PSU that some folks might have considered for their next project. This is by no […]

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Galaxy Low Profile 9600GT

Price, availability, and noise not yet known but there are pictures so this is apparently more than just vaporware. expreview Some HTPC users just don’t want to use a crappy 8400GS or HD 2400 in their highly polished rigs, so here is a chance: Galaxy showed us a low profile 9600GT.

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Life With a Plugin, Episode 9: BigScreen Headlines 2


BigScreenGlobal is one of the premier Media Center plugin companies in the world. You’d be hard pressed to find another development company which does as much customization with the MCML abilities, while still keeping things simple & easy enough to use. The expectations are a bit different than a lot of apps, however, since all BigScreenGlobal apps are commercial & […]

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Microsoft Investigation Of CableCard Issues

If you are having problems with your CableCards recently, please post in this GreenButton thread. Microsoft is currently investigating why everyone seems to be getting restricted content errors every 24 hours. More information about the problem and potenial workarounds can be found in this post and in the comments. 

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