Perceptive Automation Releases Indigo 3.0, Intelligent Home Automation Server for Mac OS X

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New INSTEON Hardware Support Integrates Thermostat, Allows Remote Lighting Scene
Management and Operation after Mac is Turned Off, Improves iPhone Support and

Dallas, TX – May 7, 2008 – Perceptive Automation, the leading
provider of Mac-based home automation software, today announced the immediate
availability of Indigo version 3.0, a major update to the company’s intelligent
home control and automation server for Mac OS X. With Indigo, users can easily
control lights, appliances, thermostats, lawn sprinklers, hot tubs and dozens of
other items found in the home, literally from anywhere in the world using
Indigoâ?Ts built-in Web server.

Indigo now supports the new INSTEON
Thermostat Adapter allowing wireless control of several Venstar thermostats. Mac
users can now save energy and money by using Indigo’s flexible schedules and
automation logic to control their home’s HVAC. Additionally, using Indigo’s
built-in Web server, users can now remotely control their homeâ?Ts thermostat
from any Web browser, including Appleâ?Ts iPhone and iPod Touch Web

Indigo’s new INSTEON link and scene management editor gives
users the power to remotely define links and lighting scenes between almost all
INSTEON modules. Creating links or lighting scenes between keypads and multiple
modules can now be done quickly and reliably from Indigo. Additionally, with
Indigo’s unique persistent link and two-way syncing features, users can
automatically copy old link and scene information to a new replacement module
with the press of a button.

Indigo can now upload user defined basic
logic and schedules to the INSTEON PowerLinc 2414U computer interface, providing
a solution for users that cannot leave their Mac running all of the time. The
PowerLinc 2414U has a built-in clock and basic logic capabilities, and can even
be used to turn lighting on or off at sunset and sunrise transitions that match
the userâ?Ts geographical location.

"The primary focus of this release
was to add the additional home automation hardware support our customers have
requested so that Indigo can provide a complete, whole-house automation solution
for them," said Matt Bendiksen, president of Perceptive Automation. "With the
additional INSTEON hardware supported, users can now control their home’s HVAC,
create complex lighting scenes, control sprinklers, and even use their existing
home theatre IR remote controls for home automation."

Other new
functionality introduced in Indigo 3.0 includes SQLite and PostgreSQL
integration, a Web server plug-in architecture, improved Web server performance,
refinements to the user interface, and support for new INSTEON hardware modules:
OutletLinc, KeypadLinc Relay, EZIO6I Input Controller, EZX10RF Wireless Sensor
Receiver, EZSwitch30, IRLinc Converter, and other advanced INSTEON

â?oThe remote lighting scene management capability in Indigo 3.0
is an awesome addition,â? says Mark Gillham. â?oIt allowed me to quickly setup
complex lighting scenes in over 70 modules throughout my house. Without Indigo’s
intuitive but powerful scene management editor it would have taken literally
days to finish.�

Indigo provides native support for the INSTEON-enabled
PowerLinc V2 (2414U) CM-11, LynX-PLC, MR26, and W800RF32. These computer
interfaces allow Indigo to remotely communicate with INSTEON and X10 modules
throughout the home over existing power lines, giving users remote programmable
control over lights, appliances, thermostats, and sprinkler controllers.
Additionally, Indigo provides integrated support for the popular Salling Clicker
application and the Ovolab Phlink telephony device, allowing remote home control
from Bluetooth-enabled devices or any touch-tone telephone.

Pricing and

Indigo v3.0 is available now for an introductory price of
$179.95 through the Perceptive Automation website, All
Indigo v2.0 customers are eligible for a free upgrade, and all Indigo v1.x
customers are eligible for a $90 credit toward the upgrade purchase of v3.0.
Also available online is a 30 day trial copy of Indigo. Indigo runs on Mac OS X
10.4 or greater, and requires a supported INSTEON or X10 computer interface for
controlling home lighting and appliance modules.