OLED Display Life Questioned

TGDaily (TGD) reports that Sony has over stated their
longevity claims regarding their OLED TVs. 
This claim is based on a report from a “group” called DisplaySearch yet
no hard supporting evidence is offered. 
So I Googled DisplaySearch and found they have a website and
subsequently I found the summary of the “characterization report”.  The summary offers even less information
that TGD does and furthermore they apparently want some compensation for the
full report.  I’m guessing that TGD
coughed up the compensation, me, I’m not that curious of their take on an 11”
OLED so that’s as far as I got.

On a personal note I was really looking forward to the
introduction of large OLED displays for the living room/entertainment pleasure
pit.  After all, all of the hoopla surrounding
OLED tech makes these sets seemingly perfect for the next “big thing” in home
entertainment, but if the half-life claims prove to be correct and consistent
then any benefits will be instantly negated.


Sony claims that the XEL-1 maintains its brightness for 10 years, or around 30,000 hours. However, DisplaySearch tested out two units and found that they would lose half their brightness in just 17,000 hours of use.

DisplaySearch link