The Daily Button – November 2nd, 2007

Another day, another edition of The Daily Button. I was recently surfing through my blog posts and realized that I really hadn’t updated my getting started post. Since then, I have been basically battling the insurance company about repairing my TV and that has finally been solved. This weekend, barring any last minute research, I will be buying a Sony 60" SXRD for my living room/Home Theater.

The TV will sit about 10′ back which fits pretty good in my opinion. My prior TV was a 58" and felt just a touch small, I hope the extra two inches fills the void. I have no computer that is fit to be an HTPC right now, at least from a WAF perspective. I keep the fire glowing with a SageTV and Vista MCE test-bench. The decision here is do I go CableCard, or do I go QAM, OTA, and say HAVA for my recordings. I’ll figure that out before long. Hopefully sooner then later, as my only movie source is an old 480i DVD player.

As always, get your entry in for the Omaura contest. If you are not feeling creative, just a one liner saying you want to be included in the random drawing part of the contest is fine. Though, in my opinion, 1st and 2nd prize are well worth the creative effort. At this point, the odds are pretty damn good.

We have a couple of reviews coming up on Monday courtesy of Dan (Naylia). Look for a Beyond TV review and an Auzentech Meridian review. Rambling aside, lets get on to the new roundup.

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If I had to do a build right now, and my budget was relatively stout. I would probably go the route of an Omaura TF-11 w/OLED and IR. The OLED is nothing short of amazing and I hope to have more news soon. A couple M780 cards for QAM/OTA in Vista, a Quad CPU from Intel because I can, a Terabyte hard drive for local recordings (curse no server support), an 8800 GT and a combo drive.  Of course, like most build decisions, my mind changes daily.