The Daily Button – Sugar Hangover Edition

In case you guys have missed our little announcement, we are having a kick ass contest with Omaura to give away a thousand dollars in cases :). First and second prizes are awarded to folks who describe how winning an Omaura case would change their life. If you are not feeling creative, just post in the contest entry thread saying you want to be in the random drawing :). Easy as PIE.

Contest Rules

Contest Entry Thread 

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Thanks for answering yesterday’s question of the day. I had pretty much made my mind up before I had asked the question, I thought I would throw it out there in case I missed something. The tech spechs of the XX-3000 series from Sony just sang to me and pulled me. I am not that much of a videophile but having some sort of future compatiability does mean something to me. Thanks again, I will report back with a user review in a couple of weeks :).