HD DVD gets “community screening” while Blu-ray pulls ahead in Europe

The format war rages on across the world. Its tragic to see this many innocent pocketbooks killed because of this senseless war. The HD DVD camp aims to make your pain and suffering a little less meaningless with a Community Screening feature with the release of the newest Harry Potter film. Owners of the new film will be able to join an invitation-only viewing of the movie.

While this may seem like a cool feature, it seems a bit odd to me. Anything beyond "How was that movie?" might be a much for most.


The first title with Community Screening comes as the Blu-ray Disc Association announced a victory of its own: the format is outselling HD DVD discs in Europe at a ratio of over three to one. The Blu-ray Disc Association said that movie sales in Europe had crossed the 1 million mark. That 1 million is more than a milestone; it accounts for about 73 percent of all HD discs sold in Europe over the last year, says the association.