TiVo & Nero Collaborate on PC DVR Software

Tivo, well known for their STB PVRs, is going to make the leap into the PC based DVR world with help from Nero. Though their interface is well know, it is not well know how they will compete with already established programs such as SageTV, BeyondTV and Vista MCE. It will be interesting if they will allow you to network your PCs and TiVo. Without this feature, it is kind of pointless in my opinion :).  Time will tell, hopefully they have better luck then ReplayTV.


Under the agreement, Nero will develop a software solution that will bring TiVo features to the personal computer. Capitalizing on the growing PC TV tuner market, it will answer the consumer demand for a trusted PC-based DVR experience […] “This agreement provides TiVo with an opportunity to deliver its interface and differentiated feature set globally via the PC, enabling TiVo to use all avenues of mass distribution — from consumer electronics, to cable and satellite boxes and soon, the PC,” said Tom Rogers.