The Daily Button – October 30th, 2007

Welcome to today’s edition of The Daily Button. Get your contest on with our Omaura case giveaway :). Why wouldn’t you want to enter? These are damn sexy cases. If you are looking to get your HTPC on, head on over to PCAlchemy . Not only do they have LG’s new dual format player, they can also hook you up with cards that tune clear QAM (M780 has Vista QAM support), combo cards to tune OTA broadcast TV and analog TV, and of course cases and other HTPC hardware.

Internet News: Aussie develops technology to take DSL to 250 Mbs @ Engadget

High Def DVD News: Blu-ray steps up offense at Home Media Magazine

HTPC News: Audioholics rant on how hard it is to setup a HTPC 

Off Topic? Sorta? Tis The Season? News: Behind the scenes at Toms Hardware Buyer’s Guide 

Media Center News: Hulu will not be available via Internet TV.. BOOOOOOOOOO 

Beyond TV News: New feature spotlight: Auto-detect for lineup changes.  


Forum Roundup  – It is time to step outside of the top 6 posts and see what you have missed :).

Alright, so I broke my own rule already, but I am always interested in what people are watching these days . If you are looking for a cable splitter, you might want to check this thread out, it links to a study done that shows which splitter has the least amount of loss. You could also check out the I think I should spend more time here thread , after all, don’t you need to spend more time here? Maybe? LAst but not least, you can always check out the Transformers HD DVD thread .