BD+ already hacked

It didn’t take 10 years to crack BD+ like Richard Doherty, Media analyist with Envisioneering Group, said according to Home Media Magazin (July 8-14). "BD+, Unlike AACS, Which suffered a partial Hack Last Year, Won’t likely be breached for 10 years." Doherty said "and if so The damage would effect one film and one player." It took them less than 4 months.

Tom’s Hardware

Again, Slysoft presents an AnyDVD-Version, with various recognition and crack methods for extended copy protection measures. Just two weeks ago, Slysoft had updated it’s in Germany forbidden program, now there is already a new version – and ‘it’s got it’: AnyDVD 6.1. 9.3, the latest version should bypass the AACS copy-protection called "MBKv4".