Microsoft bringing Internet TV feature to Windows Media Center

After giving the Xbox360 all the love, MS is finally bringing some of its content to the Media Center Platform. They must have realized that the partner offerings pretty much SUCKED when trying to download content. Internet TV will be a normal software update around Sepetember 27th and will allow users to watch ad-supported content free of charge.


Additionally, the videos will reportedly be "better than SD quality, but not HD," although HD programs could certainly emerge in the future. Best of all, this feature will simply be delivered as a normal software update, and while it seems that we’ll have to wait until Digital Life before we know any more, feel free to peep the gallery below for a few shots of the Internet TV beta in action/

  • I was just surfing the site

    I was just surfing the site and came up on this from 2007.  Curious of how people now feel about the MS implementation of Internet TV.