Emotiva Audio RSP-1 Stereo Pre-Amplfier Review

I am not entirely sure how many users we have that would be interested in a stereo pre-amp, however, Audholics does have Emotiva’s flaship RSP-1 up for review. Though interest maybe low for this particualr unit from Emotiva, their line of pre/pros should interest more then a few of you. Their units typically perform very well under test and cost several thousands less then "audiophile" pre/pros. Looking through their lineup, it looks like they have yet to tackle the next gen audio CODECs.


Emotiva’s RSP-1 is a 2-channel pre-amplifier that operates almost solely in the analogue domain. You won’t find any digital audio inputs, video inputs or outputs, and you won’t have to worry about what version HDMI you have. For all of you true audiophiles that are only interested in 2-channel, this is the unit for you. The RSP-1 performs exactly as promised. Considering the low price of the Reference Audio Series, Emotiva has taken the dedicated high end 2-channel rig out of the hands of the ultra-rich and placed it squarely within reach of most enthusiasts. It looks audiophile, it sounds audiophile, it just doesn’t cost audiophile.