The Media Center Show #117 – Todd Bowra on Extenders

Todd Bowra….what to say about him. The bloody guy knows more about Extenders than anyone on the planet…now if only we could make him ignore that silly NDA he signed when he joined Microsoft! C’mon Todd!! Seriously though, Todd is one of the behind the scenes guys working an insane amount at getting the MCE Extender platform out there.

Show Times:

00:58 Coming up this week
01:47 Email – using Orb as a software extender
03:56 One Voice LTB Q-Bean Wireless 2.0
05:19 Cassatools
06:11 TV Toolbox
06:59 What 3rd party apps do you use?
08:11 One Voice: Media Center CommunicatorDownload a free trial
09:44 Welcome to Todd
11:30 Extender Usage
12:28 What is an Extender
15:30 Can you use a Xbox 360 Core as an Extender?
17:54 Difference between Extenders
19:14 Network performance
21:46 HD content
22:50 Cablecard
26:05 Vista Media Center on the Xbox 360
30:19 Networking
32:33 Troubleshooting
34:18 Connecting a Extender to Vista
36:14 Managing your libraries on Media Center
39:00 Parental Controls
41:00 New Media Center Extender devices
42:00 Standalone Extenders
45:00 Divx on Media Center Extenders?
47:18 Audio devices
48:24 Software Extenders
51:28 Find out more informationTroubleshooting guide
52:17 Thanks to Todd
52:44 Send in your email
53:00 My book – Using Microsoft Windows Vista Media Center is still available

Listen to his interview with Ian here