ASRock 4Core1333-FullHD Motherboard Review

Another review without HD testing. We have been able to plug PCs into a TV for a long time. I’d really like to see whether or not onboard video can do 1080I/1080P without dropping frames. Does HDMI really help a DVD look better than vga or component.
Blah! Where are the affordable cable card pc reviews.

Virtual Hideout

ASRock’s 4Core1333-FullHD HTPC Motherboard is just one of the key components in creating a great home theater PC. It also happens to be the most important feature especially when you expect stability and true performance. The features it offers makes it an ideal upgrade or start to your own slice of home theater heaven. With capabilities that rival that of the more expensive options, it can definitely provide a reliable platform as well as allow for future upgrades or improvements. With ASRock, HDMI support is no longer a luxury. Everyone can have it and appreciate it for much less than anything typically found at the stores.