Why Analog TV Signals Don’t Look As Good On An HDTV.

A common theme through out many display device reviews is that analog signals plain old stink when shown on an HDTV. Personally, I have only seen a couple of TV's handle analog signals exceptionally well. Here are my top three reasons why I think analog signals look poor on an HDTV.

1. Garbage in is garbage out.

2. HDTVs often represent a step up in size.

3. Analog signal have noise, digital signals are all or nothing. 

Read on to see if I am right

Another factor that contributes to the quality of analog television display
on HDTVs also depend on the types of video processing circuitry employed by
different HDTV makers, and some HDTVs perform the analog-to-digital conversion
process better than others. When checking out HDTVs or reviews of HDTVs, make
note of any comments regarding the quality of analog signal quality.