What Are the Ugliest Products on the Market?

I really can;t think of too many ugly products at the moment. Luckily, CE Pro News has a couple of them. Any product that looks "a bit too much like Charlie Brown's teeth" has to be one only its mother could love ;). What ugly products can you think of? My wife says the Silver Sensor style antenna's fit into this category.

From the article:

The Campinile series of floorstanding speakers from Bolzano Villetri are supposed to
emulate the look of a classic Italian bell tower. The company had a booth at the
CEDIA Expo, where I snapped the photo. I know that some of the best-looking
designs in the consumer electronics industry are Italian, but this looks a
little too funky for me. By the way, I did listen the speakers at the booth and
they sounded great.