Wal-Mart to RIAA: We’re not gonna take it!

I think we all know that CD prices have been a bit out of whack for sometime now. Wal-Mart certainly thinks so and they are letting the RIAA know that they want to sell the CD's for 10 dollars and still make a profit. I know I would buy a lot more CDs for that price.

From the article:

Tensions are not as high now as they were last winter, but making sure
Wal-Mart is happy remains one of the music industry's major priorities.
That's because if Wal-Mart cut back on music, industry sales would
suffer severely — though Wal-Mart's shareholders would barely bat an
eye. While Wal-Mart represents nearly twenty percent of major-label
music sales, music represents only about two percent of Wal-Mart's
total sales. "If they got out of selling music, it would mean nothing
to them," says another label executive. "This keeps me awake at night."