Term of the Week – VCD

This week's term of the week at About.com is VCD. VCD utilizes a mpeg1 CODEC which allows 74 minutes per CD. Resolution was comparable to your VHS tapes we all know and love. This format became popular overseas as well as on P2P clients. :o.

From the article:

Employing a compression system known as MPEG1, 74 minutes of audio and video
can be stored on a standard CD at a 352×240 pixel resolution in NTSC or 352×288
PAL, which is somewhat comparable to standard VHS. Special VCD players and many
DVD players do have the ability to play back VCDs, and almost all PCs have the
ability for the user to record their own VCDs. Keep in mind, however, that even
though that VCD content is stored on a CD, standard CD players cannot play them
back as they have no way to read or output video content.