Onix x-sub Subwoofer Review

What would you rather have? Your neighbour knocking at your door telling you your bass just knocked a picture off his wall? Or Dude, your bass sounds like an old man on prunes. Hopefully number one is your answer. If you are in a budget situation, or your wife is your CFO, you may want to check Audioholic's review of the Onix X-sub Subwoofer. This 8" mass loaded subwoofer gets pretty good grades in music and movies for its price point.

From the review:

Overall, this sub over-performs for the amount of money you put into it. At this price point, I wouldn’t be surprised to find a boomy, muddy mess. What I found was a speaker that could make a worthy addition to any budget home theater. Will it fill a large room with bone crushing bass? No, but do you really expect it to at this price point? What it will do is provide convincing and at times tactile bass in a small to medium sized room. Port chuffing is a problem during certain scenes that you need to be aware of before you purchase. For a system that is mostly geared towards music, the x-sub is a no brainer. This sub would be an easy recommendation for any budget minded consumer in a small to medium sized room