Swanni’s 10 HDTV Predictions for 2007

Will the Nostradamus of TV predictions be right in 2007? A few obvious ones like further HD price drops, more broadcast HDTV and HD commercials make the list. A couple of his statements seem to conflict. One point he mentions that the PS3 and 360 will generate more interest in next gen DVDs and then he mentions Toshiba and Sony will mend their ways. mmm.

From the article: 

1. Sony and Toshiba will
settle their HDTV DVD format war.
Swann: "The two formats
are forcing consumers to the sidelines. People don't
want to buy a new high-def DVD player — whether it's
Sony Blu-ray or Toshiba's HD-DVD — because they are
afraid of picking the wrong one. This is Beta vs. VHS
all over again. Consequently, I predict that Sony and
Toshiba will agree on a single format in 2007, which
will spark greater interest in the new high-def