Remote Control Birthday Interview

As the famous Remote Control turns fifty, it took this chance to sit down with the WCFCourier to answer a few questions and reflect upon its button pressed past. I wonder how it feels about creating a generation of couch potatoes.

From the article:

Pulse: You disappear so many times a day. Where do you go?

It's not me. Although control is my last name, I have none in the hands
of careless TV viewers. I'm tossed, lobbed, dropped and rolled to
various parts of the house. I've even ended up in the freezer at the
hands of a woman scorned. She was distraught and looking for some
serious Ben & Jerry's. It was a chilly hour before she discovered
her mistake. The worst, though, is when I get stuck between the couch
cushions. Can you imagine the view from there? Don't even go there, man.