Polk I-Sonic is Bose Wave Radio Killer


The Bose Wave Radio may have met its match in the form of Polk Audio's I-Sonic. Perhaps not in the name category but in the function category it clearly shines. It supports HD Radio, XM, and of course CDs. It apparently does very well in the WAF department; any comment like that makes it worth checking out.

From the article:

The Wave Radio has had a stranglehold on the upscale radio market, but Polk
is making headway.

When I connected the I-Sonic to my LCD, I was impressed – the unit handled
the content well, and received overwhelming endorsement from my wife, for its
variety of entertainment options, aesthetics and sound qualities.

This all adds up to a huge hit for Polk. The I-Sonic could be the perfect
holiday gift because it offers value, versatility and performance. The I-Sonic
is sure to cut into Bose's Wave Radio market.