HELIOS H4000 HD Upscaling DVD player

If you need something to hold you over until the HD discs come down in price, it might be worth looking into the Helios H4000. With support for every format under the moon including DVD, CD, MP3, WMA, MPEG4 and DivX, the H4000 is worth its price tag. Also worth noting, it can output 11 different resolutions (including 1080p) over its composite, S-Video, HDMI and VGA connections.

From the article:

Say for instance a person wants to output 1080p over component, this player can
do that (just
like its older brother
) or perhaps a higher-end A/V owner wants to output
the signal to an external video processor at 480i via HDMI, that's kosher too.
All in all there are eleven different resolutions the H4000 can output over the
composite, S-Vid, component, HDMI and VGA jacks. We hear ya if the whole HD
DVD/Blu-ray battle is just to scary right now to jump feet first into at least a
$500 investment, but maybe the $169 tag on the H4000 will be a tad easier to
swallow when the player is released on October 17.