Cable TV Counterpunch to the IPTV Contender

As it turns out, the whole team decided to all leave on business or pleasure at the same time. Thats ok.  That just means they all missed the meeting to discuss the raises. 😉  I'll get some news out during my layovers. This particular article takes a look at the effort by the cable industry to respond to competition by IPTV and Big Phone.

From the article:

– High Definition TV services and Video-on-Demand are expanding,
driving plant upgrades for improved Gigabit Ethernet video switches,
Switched Digital Video (SDV), more QAM channels, and widening
deployments of 1 GHz Final Mile equipment.

– Modular Cable Modem
Termination Systems (Modular CMTS) and wide band cable modems are being
brought into play to upgrade High Speed Data services to compete
against telcos' ADSL, VDSL, and Fiber-to-the-Home.