New Klipsch Subwoofers Go Digital

I really wasn't sure a subwoofer could "go digital". As it turns out, the marketing department of Klipsch has proven me wrong. In a sense, Klipsch has installed a tiny receiver to better manage the sound coming from your subwoofer. Each new speaker allows for equalization settings and acoustic room correction. I found the triangle shape and the supposed six decibel increase by placing it in a corner very intriguing. Space management and aesthetics are very important in the WAF department, the added boom also helps.

From the article: 

From the press release: 

The flagship, triangular-shaped RT-12d
and RT-10d subwoofers are small footprint, high-output models with
powerful front-firing Cerametallic™ woofers and dual rear-firing
passive radiators. These subwoofers easily fit into corners where they
are less intrusive. This unique enclosure style also allows the passive
radiators to face both corners of a wall for maximum bass performance.
In fact, corner loading a subwoofer creates a six-decibel increase in
output without an increase in power.

Through Digital Signal
Processing (DSP), the RT subwoofers give users more control and
flexibility with different source material. They both feature
a top-side digital control panel that allows users to quickly and
easily adjust all functions. The RT-12d and RT-10d also offer three
equalization modes (flat, depth and punch) and five user-adjustable
presets (music, movie, night and two name-your-own settings) to
establish specific listening preferences. By utilizing a patent-pending
auto room correction process, formally known as Adaptive Room
Correction™ or ARC, and the included calibration microphone, these RT
models ensure ideal performance in every listening area. They also come
with an IR sensor for operation from any learning remote or control