Contest #18 - HDPlex H10.ODD Passive Low-Profile HTPC Chassis

Jan 06 2011







Courtesy of the fine folks at HDPlex, the H10.ODD Low Profile HTPC Chassis has an MSRP of $258 and can support a number of different options and configurations. Check out the HDPlex Website for further details. If this chassis looks eerily familiar, it's because Michael just recently reviewed it and absolutely loved it. Unlike the review unit, this item is strictly the chassis and power supply. Here's a bit from Michael's review:

Everyone has a different opinion on what is visually appealing and what goes well with their existing components so I will be blunt, I found the H10.ODD very appealing. It has the highest aesthetic value of any HTPC chassis I have seen in person. I put a high value on aesthetics when it comes to HTPCs, a good case will easily outlast the internal components. The minimalist faceplate is my ideal front. There are no USB ports, no oversized pointless volume knob and no VFD\LCD. Even the Power On\Off Switch and Power LED are removed from their traditional location on the faceplate and are instead located on the top of the chassis. The Power LED is a simple blue light barely visible through a small hole. The anti-reflective powder coating against the 6063T aluminum has a nice even finish, is attractive and hides finger prints very well. The downside to the powder coating is that it shows scratches—be careful when screwing in the lid to ensure you do not scratch the lid.


The easiest and ONLY ONE MANDATORY REQUIREMENT TO ENTER is to respond to this post with an answer to: What's your current HTPC or regular computer chassis?

That's all that's required; respond with your answer and you'll be entered into the giveaway!

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Good luck everyone Smile


Entries will be accepted from 12:01AM PDT on Thursday, January 6, 2011 through 11:59PM PDT on Tuesday, January 11, 2011 . Winner will be selected by January 19, 2011.

  • This contest is unfortunately only available to US residents in one of the 50 states. Sorry to our international readers, but we are looking into expanding our prize packages in the future.
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I have the Antec Fusion which I use in the basement. Winning this and the HTPC will move back upstairs.

Dell Zino 400.

A Dell inspiron 530 that sits next to the TV stand so the DVD drive is still accessible.

I have a NMEDIAPC HTPC 2000B which actually looks pretty nice but is just a tad noisy, this would take care of that.

A full tower Lian case that I had left over. I bit of overkill for sure.

(Ancient) Antec Solo.  Small, but not nearly as quiet as this case would be.

I'm rocking a Silverstone SG-05. Love it, but would love to move it out of the closet.

Silverstone LC17

A Lian Li PC-C36B that I have modded to include one of Larry's internal IR modules. I would love to be able to move that module to the case it was designed for.

3U Rackmount in the laundry room

Silverstone LC13B

My main HPTC is in an old Silverstone LASCALA LC13-S from back when good HTPC cases were hard to come by.

A sleek new look would be welcome Smile

Old school Ahanix D-Vine MCE302B.  Has treated me well over the years.  The HDPlex sure does look like a sweet ride.

I'm currently using a SilverStone GD-02. It's way too big!

Rosewill Wind Knight Gaming ATX Mid Tower Computer Case

Ahanix D4.  The one bad thing about this case is that it has 2 60mm fans which because they are so small need to spin at a very high rate which makes it loud.

antec nsk-2480. ive just been thinking about how i need to replace the case fans with something a little quieter

 Im using an nMEDIA HTPC 8000 in my familyroom.



Using a Lenovo tower in the basement (RF remote).

The HTPC server is a desktop chassis and the client is a tower chassis

Nexus tower from Big but it is tucked away in the office.

Athenatech A1089BB.150 Glossy Black SECC Steel Mini-ITX Tower Computer Case150W Power Supply with Glossy Black Front Panel

I don't have a htpc case currently just starting to build a client again would love this case to go with a new sandy bridge Wink

Cooler Master CM 690 tower

Just some refurbed Dell that has been gutted more or less, sitting in a closet unseen (and heard) by all.

antec fusion though the new one I am building currently is in a dell case

I use the foxconn R20-S4 ATOM 330 RT. Quiet as a doormouse

I'm currently building a new HTPC with a SilverStone GD05B case. I'm waiting for the new Hauppauge Colossus HD PVR as the finishing touch. 

I'm using a Antec 150 in the bedroom for my HTPC, but want to branch out to the living room where this HDPlex case would fit nicely with my other equipment.

This would be awesome.  Crossing my fingers!!

HEC 6K11BBX585 Black Computer Case - sexy it is not...

Antec Fusion Remote Black

Im using an old NMediaPC 688.

Thanks for the review!  An older aluminum Lian Li tower.  Looking to upgrade and get it in the rack.  If I get one I'll have a custom Middle Atlantic Rackshelf made.


I have a HFX Micro M2. Hoping to replace it with this one! Smile

Antec Fusion V2 Remote Black


Antec Fusion 350 Remote

Silverstone LC17

Gateway SX2840 with Ceton Tuner

I use Silverstone GD01B as HTPC case, and Antec 300 as Desktop case.

Cooler Master Elite 360. It's ugly, but it's also fairly quiet with decent airflow. If I do win this case it would give me the perfect excuse to finally update my HTPC.

Antec 180W is my desktop case. I would like to put my MSI X58M in a HTPC case though.

Antec Nine Hundred

Shuttle XS35GT - 2G ram, 60G SSD, running OpenELECT & XBMC - for now.  Can't get the Boxee/DLink remote to work, probably going back to Windows & XBMC.

Vidabox Vcase3

Mcubed tech's HFX Classic (Fanless ATX-size)

Lian Lu 4u rackmount (Not standard U size)

Current HTPC case is VidaBox vCase3.  Good looking case, but my cooling is a bit noisy.  Looking to upgrade this spring when Intel Sandy Bridge CPUs are available.  Will be nice to move the Ceton out of the HTPC and into my Home Server (hopefully running Vail).  Hope to make it quieter and run cooler...

I am currently using an OrigenAE X11 HTPC chassis.

Current chassis is the Silverstone Lascala LC10M

Apex MI-008... everything should fit fine.  88!


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