ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre 5 Update


In our first look at ArcSoft’s TotalMedia Theatre 5 (TMT5), we found the updated version a huge step forward; however, there were a few outstanding issues we highlighted that were stopping TMT5 from attaining feature parity with stand-alone players and media streamers available on the market.  Since that time, CyberLink has responded with an updated revision of their popular PowerDVD (PDVD) software, bringing it closer to the level of polish and overall user experience offered by TMT5.  In that context, we’ve been given the green light to share some exciting news about an update that should be going into public BETA within the next few days.Like any new software application there were a few issues with the initial rev, as well as some notably missing features included automatic refresh rate matching, full featured HD audio support for non-BD content (i.e. MKV) and proper exclusive mode audio support for multi-channel LPCM content.

By now you’ve probably guessed that besides the usual bug fixes (Media Center “back” button being one), TMT5 has taken a step forward in feature support as well.  The most exciting is that we finally have a commercial player that automatically switches the displays refresh rate to the content being played for non-3D content.  What this means in practice is if your display supports 23Hz (23.976) and you throw in a disc or file that is encoded at 23.976 frames per second (FPS), TotalMedia Theatre 5 will automatically select 23Hz and flip back when you exit.  HUZZAH!  Those that use TMT5 for file playback will also benefit from the update because HD audio bit streaming support has also been added in the patch; yes, that means your MKV/M2TS with HD audio can now be bit streamed to the AVR (audio video receiver) untouched, just like BD content.  It is also worth noting that MKV chapters and embedded SRT subtitles are now supported, so we can cross those off the “missing features” list as well.  Unfortunately, it does look like exclusive mode audio support for 16-bit LPCM did not make the cut though, so we’ll have to keep pressing on that point.

Having had only a few hours with the latest update, I’m sure there are several important fixes and enhancements that we’ve missed and probably some BETA issues too :).  Based on what we’ve seen so far it is very clear that ArcSoft is listening, and committed to creating the best commercial software Blu-ray player available.  Let’s hope that by raising the bar again, we can expect similar features from the other players in the market as well.


Beta is available.

  • Automatic display refresh

    Automatic display refresh rate!!! Awesome!!

  • Oh man this is GREAT news..

    Oh man this is GREAT news.. can’t wait for the update to hit! Automatic Refresh rate that’s sick! Love it!


  • Excellent News.  Look forward

    Excellent News.  Look forward to hearing the details.  Any ball-park expectation on when it will be public?



  • We should see it as a public

    We should see it as a public BETA very soon.

  • do you know if TMT5 supports

    do you know if TMT5 supports PGS subtitles in mkvs, and well as supporting the forced subtitle flag?

    • dbone1026 wrote:do you know


      do you know if TMT5 supports PGS subtitles in mkvs, and well as supporting the forced subtitle flag?


      PGS subtitle support does not work.  Nor does forced subtitles.

      SRT subtitle and embedded subtitles do work; however, I feel the font rendered quality is fairly low in comparison to VLC, MPC-HC or VSFilter.  It is a BETA though.

      • Note: I did find the video

        Note: I did find the video quality to be quite good though.

      • Thanks. It is a move in the

        Thanks. It is a move in the right direction no doubt. If they can add PSG subtitle support and forced subtitle support for mkvs then I think I could really look at TMT is a serious all around player.

  • TMT5 continues to improve,

    TMT5 continues to improve, but I wish the one issue that came up in the video review/preview of the program was addressed………the one here you only see the languages of the audio tracks, but not what type they are. It’s annoying to have to enable the info display to know what you’re switching to.

    • ArcSoft definitely is aware

      ArcSoft definitely is aware of the complaint. Hopefully, they will be able to address it soon. It is certainly an annoyance (especially with Dobly TrueHD BDs).