AO Install Same Trip? Don’t trust Comcast billing with CableCARDs

AO Install Same Trip

Just a friendly reminder to not trust Comcast billing when performing CableCARD self-installs.

I’ve had my InfiniTV4 setup since day 1 of release (well a couple days before) and two ATI DCTs before that.  Each time my wife went to the local Comcast office and picked up a CableCARD for a self-install.  She even did the initial pairing with Comcast over the phone.  My Comcast bill would increase by $1.50 for each additional CableCARD past the initial one (here in Houston you get one “free” Digital Cable box and one “free” CableCARD per account.)

Almost two months ago I picked up my fifth CableCARD for testing a second (borrowed) InfiniTV4.  I typically don’t check my Comcast bill since I have it set to auto-pay but I happen to check my online usage today and found my bill higher than expected.  I skimmed the bill and noticed under Other Charges & Credits for $21.94.  I had no clue what that was but the date matched the additional CableCARD so wasn’t hard to guess.

I called Comcast customer service billing inquiry department to ask about the charge and was told it was the trip fee for installing a CableCARD.  I told the representative that it was a self-install and asked to have the charge removed.  The representative began telling me that they didn’t support CableCARD self-installs so I couldn’t have possibly performed a self-install…I cut her off there and asked to speak with a manager.  The manager apologized and had the charge reversed and assured me I was have a credit in my billing statement.

I can understand that billing mistakes happen and policies change but it seems to happen too frequently with Comcast.  Verizon, why don’t you offer FiOS in my area?

  • Hey, at least you get to call

    Hey, at least you get to call up and complain to get the charge removed. When my Ceton arrives in a couple weeks, I believe Cox Cable will force me to pay for an install. According to their rate sheet the price is an outrageous $75.

    • Do they allow any self

      Do they allow any self installs? If memory serves the FCC changed the rules in their last meeting – so if you can self install anything, you can self install a CC.

      • Last I heard, Cox doesn’t

        Last I heard, Cox doesn’t allow self-installs, but I’m certainly going to try. The unfortunate part of the FCC ruling regarding the self-install is that MSOs have 9 months (~8 months now) to allow self-installs if they allow self-installs for anything else in the service portfolio.

        • That sucks, you could always

          That sucks, you could always loan me the card for 8 months while you wait 🙂

          • wow, that is just insulting

            wow, that is just insulting highway robbery!!! just be glad, when i had my 8 ATI OCUR tuners, you don’t even want to know the HELL Comcast was with 8 cablecard tuners. And the ridiculous charges as well 😛