Windows 7 Media Center TV Strip


The TV strip in Windows 7, while similar to Vista, did receive several tweaks that alter the appearance and functionality of viewing and recording TV. The major changes to your TV viewing experience will be the revamped details screen. This concept is applied throughout the program and allows for content specific interaction such as program info, actions and other showings type of information.

The guide has been revamped in a couple of different ways. The obvious one is the inclusion of InternetTV channels that allow for easier access to the InternetTV content. This is a great idea IF they open it up to 3rd party developers. As well, you can edit the channel directly from the guide.

The mini-guide and program information, both accessed from LiveTV has received similar UI changes as seen in the video. One less button press to get to the synopsis is a good thing in my opinion. Of course, the inclusion of a "full" mini-guide is another improvement over the one show mini-guide of vista.