Sage My Movies – Basic View

Fair warning – if you’re tired of me beating the SMM for Sage V7 drum turn away now.  Plucky just let me know that he’s been working with Jamiben (another SageTV developer who’s done some amazing work as well) on something called "Basic View" for SMM that will be in the next public beta release for SMM (hopefully next week […]

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Sony BDP-BX57 / BDP-S570

teaser1.jpg has historically focused on the PC and media streamer segment of home theater devices – mostly because those connected, versatile devices are required to get the most out of your home theater – as CE manufactures move into our space by providing DLNA and content aggregation services in their products it is important for us to include them […]

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MKV Header Compression Issues

I’m not sure how I feel about header optimization when it’s a breaking change.  Seems like the kind of thing that you don’t change the spec on mid stream, but maybe that’s just me.    A few weeks ago I updated to the latest mkvtoolnix, which I believe is currently at v4.2.0. I unfortunately noticed a bad side effect of […]

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SageTV V7.0.13

SageTV’s *.13 rev of the V7 beta just arrived.  They fixed a whole bunch of issues and adding a few new features.  Go get it!   New features: -Category view in the Video Browser, with options to edit categories and also parental ratings for imported videos -Merged SageTVTranscoder with latest public version; should resolve many transcoding issues; we also added […]

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ShowAnalyzer Settings Explained

While I love ShowAnalyzer, I have to admit being a little intimidated by all of the settings with obtuse names available for creating custom scanning profiles.  Now thanks to Ben, we can all tune like pros.   If you you’ve ever used any automatic commercial skipping technolog you know that it isn’t 100 percent accurate. We remember our old ReplayTV […]

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Sage My Movies Public Beta


Sage V7 users are in for a special treat today. PluckyHD has opened up the public beta for Sage My Movies and a couple more videos to show how cool it is.     Current Release: 1.09 stvi / 1.10 api. Release Date = 07 29 2010 This is the thread for support of SageMyMovies that can be found in the […]

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Damian Reviews the Dune BD Prime

I have to admit that the Dune BD Prime is a very tempting media streamer/Blu-ray player, too bad the price isn’t.  With big CE companies (i.e. Sony) starting to build streamer features into their decks this will be a very interesting segment in the next couple years.   There are two models currently, the Dune HD Base 3.0 and the […]

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Dell Inspiron Zino HD

Dell Zino HD

Anyone in the market for a small and sleek entry level home theater PC knows that there are many options. With so many systems at very different price points, finding the right balance between capability and dollars can be difficult. The Inspirion Zino HD from Dell certainly has the right look, and being based on AMD’s 780G chipset, the right […]

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Michael Gartenberg Doesn’t Buy 3DTV

Michael Gartenberg might end up right about 3D’s viability, but his reasoning for why is all wrong when viewed in historical context.  While 3D could be LaserDisc, it could also be the next phase of HD – take a look at his points: 1) Cost – Yes you will need a new TV, but even now in the first year […]

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