Nvidia Geforce GTS 450

  Offering 3D Blu-ray (BD) via native HDMI 1.4 and HD audio bit stream support, the recently release NVIDIA GTS 450 represents a drastic shift in the market for discrete home theater PC (HTPC) graphics processing units (GPU). With NVIDIA now providing a feature set unmatched by any vendor we finally have serious competition for discrete space in the home […]

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HDI Dune BD Prime 3.0


Providing full Blu-ray (BD) menu support alongside local and network based file playback the HDI Dune BD Prime 3.0 is an interesting device that defies easy classification as a simple BD player or media streamer. With an extensive feature set including a BD drive, HDMI 1.3, eight channel analog audio output and connected storage, the device offers flexibility for anyone […]

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Panasonic TC-P58VT25


  Following Pioneer’s exit from the plasma display panel (PDP) market Panasonic moved from also-ran to market leader by delivering the right mix of performance and value to the full range of plasma buyers.  Ultimately the Pioneer Kuro failed to find the right balance between features and a price that enough buyers were willing or able to pay, so while […]

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Installing SageTV V7


  SageTV V7 Installation Guide If you are new to SageTV getting it installed and everything like ISO playback and HD audio/video playback working can be bit of a challenge; so when I needed to do a V7 install a few days ago I decided to document the process to hopefully make it easier for everyone to get the server […]

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CNET Reviews Samsung’s PN50C8000

I can’t say that CNET’s conclusion came as a surprise, but it was nice to see the VT25 maintain its crown as 2010’s best HDTV.   The PNC8000 is an excellent performer, and deserves the silver medal among plasma TVs we’ve tested so far this year. In addition, we’d wager no other as-yet-announced TV will outperform either one in 2010. […]

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ASRock 3D Vision Reviewed

I’ve been following the 3D Vision for a couple months because it is one of the first full featured SFF pre-bulit HTPC available that actually look like they belong in the A/V stack.   Sporting HDMI 1.4 (3D MVC support and bit streaming) via Nvidia’s newest lineup of GPUs it should be pretty future proof, although with Sandy Bridge coming in […]

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GeekTonic Checks TV Series’ Pulse

I’m a little disappointed that "The Good Guys" is on the list because as bad as it is, I still enjoy it.  Check out the rest of the status check over at GeekTonic.   As we move into October, it’s time to check the pulse of various TV Series.  Here’s my take so far on the shows that have been […]

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Silverstone LC19 Case

When I was looking for the perfect ITX HTPC case a while back, I came really close to picking one of these up.  It has the right look and is just about perfect except for the slimline optical driver requirement which killed it for me.   Slim HTPC cases are great for 2 things: low profile desktop machines or, as […]

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Maximum PC Moonlights With a HTPC Build

There’s some really questionable component choice (and handling for that matter), in the Maximum PC HTPC build.  I hope they expensed the parts because the system was at least $400 more than it needed to cost, and they forgot to include PowerDVD 10 in the bill of goods.   In this video (originally presented as part of the inaugural Maximum […]

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Focal Dome 5.1 Speakers

When it comes to speakers I’m usually a "no replacement for displacement" kind of guy, but that approach requires enough space and a sprinkle of SAF.  For those with a discerning ear and a challenging environment a system like this might be just what the audiologist ordered.   Each unit is then filled with a four-inch Polyglass mid-bass driver, a […]

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