NAD T785 7.1 A/V Receiver Reviewed

I’m going to file this one away in the "maybe someday" category of home theater kit, but well worth a read to see what feature will hopefully trickle down in the mainstream AVRs.


While most people probably know NAD more for their CD players and
integrated amplifiers, they have a whole line of home theater equipment,
from receivers to processors, Blu-ray players and multi-channel
amplifiers. Recently, NAD came out with a whole new line of receivers
and processors featuring their Modular Design Construction. I think
everyone is well aware of how fast things like HDMI are changing, and
how people can become paralyzed before buying something, worried that a
new revision of HDMI will out-date it before you even bring it home. By
placing the inputs and outputs, as well as the processing hardware for
the inputs, on upgradable cards, NAD hopes to have a receiver that will
update as needed for the end user. I took a look at their
top-of-the-line T785 receiver to see how this worked.