Moneual MonCaso 312

Moneual MonCaso 312 Frontview

Moneual MonCaso 312 Review If you’ve decided to put your HTPC where it can be seen, you owe it to your eyes to put it in a chassis that makes it look like it belongs. A nice case is an essential part of any build but unfortunately are not inexpensive. The Moneual MonCaso 312 looks the part of a sleek […]

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Intel DH57JG and Core i3-530


  Intel DH57JG and Core i3-530 Review With more mini-ITX options than ever it’s a great time for small form factor (SFF) PCs.  Enthusiasts are finding more ways to get the most out of these tiny boxes both in the A/V stack and backing it.  Take a look with us at the soon to be released Intel DH57JG motherboard paired […]

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SDV Explained (Part 1)

For everyone looking to kill some time while we wait for Ceton’s quad DCT to show, VP Jerremy Hammer provides an excellent primer on switched digital video (SDV).  Can’t wait for part 2.   Many people have been wondering what SDV is, why it exists and how it works. Here I will try to answer these questions. First I am […]

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Is Bit streaming more efficient than LPCM?


The recent update to the Haali Media Splitter (enabling Dolby TrueHD in DTS-MA MKV) got me thinking about revisiting our guide to getting lossless audio off the PC.  When an interesting discussion got started about the benefits of bit streaming v. LPCM over at AVS Forum it was time to do some testing. To setup the test I muxed TrueHD, […]

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Intel’s DH55TC and Core i5-661 – Clarkdale

intel core i5

  Intel DH55TC & Core i5-661 (Clarkdale) Review The family of processors code-named "Clarkdale" has sparked a great deal of interest since its existence and some basic performance information spread out across the web in late September.  Teasing home theater PC (HTPC) enthusiasts with incredibly low power usage and built in HD codec bit streaming all packaged together with enough […]

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XBMC Getting Broadcom Crystal HD Support

If you’re into XBMC and want to go for a passive SFF HTPC build, your odds of success just went up.  Anandtech is reporting that XBMC is going to get full hardware acceleration support for the Crystal HD.     Thanks to the efforts of Scott Davilla, the XBMC developers and Broadcom there’s now full support for the Broadcom Crystal […]

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Stack Overflow for Home Theater

Adam and Josh from the Digital Media Zone started up a Stack Overflow style site for some Home Theater Q/A.  I think Adam said it best in his intro, so I’ll let him explain:   This isn’t your typical discussion forum.  Most questions have definitive answers, not opinions and so you don’t find the bickering and flame wars that you […]

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Updated Haali Splitter (MKV)

Just in time for Christmas we have a new Haali MKV splitter.  The release notes only claim support for TrueHD, but DTS-MA seems to output correctly as well. For everyone looking to store HD audio without transcoding to FLAC, this looks like what we’ve been waiting for. Go get the bits and let us know how it’s working for you.  […]

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AnandTech looks at Intel’s Atom D510

Sporting lowered power consumption and a slight speed increase Intel’s latest rev of the Atom looks like a winner for the websurfing netbook crowd.  But unfortunatley there isn’t much for those searching for the perfect passive ITX build.   The integrated GMA 3150 graphics hasn’t been used by Intel before, it’s a 45nm shrink of the GMA 3100. It’s technically […]

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Plasma TV “Burn-In”: Fact or Myth?

Nobody knows TVs like the HD Guru® so it’s great to see him point the microscope at burn-in.  Check out the myth busting, and find another reason to give your plasma a hug when you get home.   HD Guru® continues to receive reader email asking whether modern plasma panels have “burn-in” problems. Given the amount of misinformation still spewed […]

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