HDTVexpert Examines Ghosting on 3D TVs

If you’re in the market for a new 3D HDTV (or top end HDTV that happens to support 3D) take a look at what the HDTVexpert has to say about ghosting issues on displays from Sony, Samsung and Panasonic.


Our first stop was the Sony booth, where numerous Bravia 3D LCD sets
were showing the Germany – Ghana World Cup match in 3D. There was plenty
of comfortable seating, so Ken and I each grabbed a pair of Sony 3D
glasses to check out the action.

Whoa! What’s this? I could clearly see ghost images of each player
racing around the field, a phenomenon that only got worse with a slight
tilt of my head. Ken picked up on it, too. As I tilted my head even
more, the ghosting (crosstalk) got even worse, rendering the images
largely unwatchable at about a 30-degree angle to either side.

This past Sunday, I packed up my Sanyo Xacti pistol camera and headed over to a nearby Best Buy store. My goal was to re-run the same off-axis viewing tests that I conducted on a Sony Bravia 3D LCD TV at the CEA Line Shows. Except this time around, my guinea pigs would be Samsung and Panasonic products.