Weekly Podcast Roundup, July 1st 2010

Here are the podcasts from this week, lots to choose from. Enjoy!

The science behind viewing 3D images in different applications, the
latest technological developments, and your questions. Guests: Dave Gregory of Galaxie Entertainment and Greg Le Duc of Le Duc Design Group

Now that episode 200 is out of the way we can get back to what we do
best; talkin’ up HD. Lots of fun stuff this week too, like Mitsubishi’s
gigantic 75-inch LaserVue TV, which of course kicked off additional
topics like how big of a TV should you buy, and how much you spent on
your HDTV. Then keeping on that bigger is better topic, we talk about
how one might use the 128GB Blu-ray Disc. Then of course we talk 3D and
how it is coming to Nascar — while F1 is still in SD. Finally we talk
regulations pertaining to 1394 by the FCC and about how amazing the new
iPhone 4 display is to an HD snob.

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VLC Player gets an upgrade! Vizio announces a new router, speakers,
headphones and more! Does Blu-ray Always Mean Better Picture? We review
Lenovo’s Lenovo Multimedia Remote with keyboard: is it the best HTPC
remote ever? The Blu-ray releases for June 29th, 2010.

It’s getting to be like a broken record but there is simply no other
word to use to describe the summer home release schedule than SLOW! 
That said, there are a few gems in this week’s releases.  James and I
don’t totally see eye to eye on the three major Blu-ray/DVD releases and
it makes for a great show.

Yes, that is right sir, we have recorded our 200th episode. It’s been a
long road, four years since our first show and while only one host has
made it through every episode — but one that is — we’ve had a number
of great hosts and guests along the way. In fact we’ve had more guests
than we can count and four hosts that have passed the baton, so we
figured we’d take a stroll down memory lane with a few like Kevin Tofel
who was one of the first hosts, and Ryan Block who was instrumental
behind the scenes and even made it on a few shows.

Installment 030 finally wraps up our series on HDMI by taking the pieces we have discussed previously and applies them to selecting HDMI Matrix Switchers.  There are a wide variety of factors to consider when standardizing on an HDMI Matrix Switcher platform for any kind of distributed video/audio/control ecosystem.  We have seen several clients just pick one out of the blue without really knowing what to look for or what they really need it to do.  This also is critical for the enthusiast market where a good HDMI Matrix Switch could cost more than their entire system.

is a semiconductor company based in Irvine, CA, with offices
in India, China and Taiwan. Quartics was formed in 2003 to focus on
semiconductor architecture for video-based media, aiming to overcome a
raft of modern digital challenges. To date, the company has been granted
10 patents, with 40 pending, in media processing architecture, video
and graphics processing and QoS algorithms.