Amazing 155-inch OLED from Mitsubishi


Have you guys seen this, 155 inches of OLED glory?!? I doubt this would ever actually see a price tag but it’s a fantastic proof of concept as to the potential of OLED, after we’ve only seen smaller sized ones until now. Start saving those pennies!   Flatpanels HD The imposing OLED screen does have some issues, however, and Mitsubishi […]

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Sage TV on the Windows Home Server

I don’t hide the fact that SageTV is a fantastic media center application. They are constantly innovating their product and their WHS version is just another example. Just the product which us Media Center users have been clammoring for in Windows, already exists with SageTV, and the homeservershow guys cover installing and using. Home Server Show Because it is on […]

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Ceton’s CableCARD tuner to work over the network too

Here’s an interesting twist to the upcoming cable card tuners announcements–just like the HDHomeRun, the Ceton tuners will be able to be network accessible. Unlike them however, the Ceton will need to be installed inside your system, so keep that in mind as well. Still good news! Engadget HD Ceton’s MOCUR should work as a networked tuner, according to a […]

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Thinkflood’s Redeye: A True iPhone Infrared Remote


  ThinkFlood’s RedEye The idea of an app for the iPhone that allows you to control your A/V equipment is not new, but Thinkflood is unique in that it adds hardware into the mix.  RedEye by Thinkflood attempts to convert the iPhone into an activity based learning infrared remote that is competative with the biggest players in the industry.  The infrared extender is similar in […]

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Vizio VF551XVT Review

Here’s a review of a 55" LCD from Vizio. A solid albeit not spectacular piece of equipment. Surprising a unit in this price range does not have internet connectivity, but still looks like a good buy from a reliable brand. Digital Trends The 55-inch VF551XVT is a 1080p set featuring full-array LED backlighting – called TruLED – compared to the […]

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Auto Rip n Compress for Windows Media Center

The ability to rip movies to your hard drive is supported in some commercial applications (like MyMovies), but here’s not only a FREE plugin for Media Center to do that, but in addition to ripping it will compress it into a format of your choice, such as WTV so you can view your movies on all your extenders. The Digital […]

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Analyzing Netflix Movie Availability using FeedFliks

Ever wondered about the actual wait status of a movie you’re interested in at Netflix? Cool website popped up allowing you to find just that.   Hacking Netflix Raghu from FeedFliks noticed that his friends that recently signed up for Netflix were able to get movies like Inglorious Basterds and In The Loop while his queue said "Long Wait." Curious, […]

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