Troubleshooting Standby


Proper standby support is an essential part of the HTPC experience, something that can help transform the “PC” experience into one much closer to “CE”. While it’s not great when the HTPC in the living room wakes up for “no reason”, when the one in the bedroom does it in the middle of the night – it can be a […]

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VidaBox vCase3 Review


VidaBox is a company more well known for their own OEM HTPC systems, but here is a review on a chassis they have begun selling. The price is rather steep at $299, but if you have wanted one of their chassis, at least you now have the option versus having to buy the whole thing from them.   TheDigitalLifestyle There […]

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Roku Launches New Channel Store with 10 New Channels


Roku continues to make news with their $99 device and have announced a nice addition of channels available to their customers. Some really nice offerings, as if the product wasn’t compelling enough already.   Hacking Netflix Roku is launching a new channel store for the Roku Player, and is adding 10 new channels: Pandora, Facebook Photos, Revision 3, Mediafly, TWiT, […]

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More Server Updates

This weekend I decided it was time to relocate my Mythtv server since we had recently moved some furniture around and it now stood out too much.  I figured that since I had to shut it down anyway, now would be a good time to add in that second 1.5TB hard drive that I mentioned in one of my recent […]

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Amazon $10 Blu-ray Deal, More titles added

Have to admit that deals like this really take some of the excitement away from the similar $10 blu-ray deals at your local brick and mortar on black friday. And of course, no long lines or waiting through Amazon. As always, full disclosure, this is a referral link, so any item you buy through this does help the site out. […]

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The 5 Best TVs You Can Buy

Before you see the link to Gizmodo and freak out, know that Gizmodo got help from THE HdGuru expert himself to compile this list. As always, consult your budget and needs accordingly before you take any of these lists too seriously, but some sweet looking displays here indeed. Gizmodo You know it’s been a weird year for TVs when not […]

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YouTube Gone from PopCorn Hour – For Now

Remember the debate that’s been going on for a while, whether those "Extender" devices like Popcorn Hour were so much better than clunky HTPC Clients like the ASRock ION? Well, my ION sure can still play YouTube…Popcorn Hour can’t anymore. It’s disappointing but frankly not all that surprising. GeekTonic Syabas, makers of the Popcorn Hour media players is telling its […]

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Thermaltake SD100 mini ITX Home Theater Chassis


Mini-ITX is really gaining steam with the help of improved hardware accelerated chipsets, to allow you to build equally capable systems in a super small configuration. Thermaltake joins the party with this slick little guy, which I think looks better horizontally than vertically.   Legit Reviews From the pictures you can see the SD100’s clean and simple exterior. With a […]

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HDMI products to get meaningful labels

You can hear the praises of the rookie TV shopper at your local shop looking for the right cable! With the HDMI specification constantly–and annoyingly–evolving it was high time someone did something to translate the different revisions to the average consumers. This is at least a step in the right direction. Next step–tell everyone about! C|Net According to the […]

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