VidaBox vCase3 Review


VidaBox is a company more well known for their own OEM HTPC systems, but here is a review on a chassis they have begun selling. The price is rather steep at $299, but if you have wanted one of their chassis, at least you now have the option versus having to buy the whole thing from them.



There are two things though I wish were incorporated into the design. The first being an integrated Microsoft IR Receiver. Most other HTPC chassis have some sort of integrated receiver, most however aren’t that great (like my built in imon ir receiver in my main system that I disable). I think a good standard internal Microsoft IR receiver was a missed opportunity to make this chassis even better then it already is. My other wish is while I do like the size of the chassis I wish it was a few inches taller to accommodate for full height cards. My next tuner purchase will be the Ceton CableCard tuner which is a full height card so it won’t work in this chassis. Despite these two things this is hands down the best HTPC chassis I’ve seen. If all the cards you want to use are available in half height configurations this is THE chassis for you!