Thermaltake SD100 mini ITX Home Theater Chassis


Mini-ITX is really gaining steam with the help of improved hardware accelerated chipsets, to allow you to build equally capable systems in a super small configuration. Thermaltake joins the party with this slick little guy, which I think looks better horizontally than vertically.


Legit Reviews

From the pictures you can see the SD100’s clean and simple exterior. With a glossy piano finish and deep black casing, the SD100 is designed to blend into other home theater components. In the front bottom left are two USB ports, a microphone port and a headphone jack. On the bottom right are the reset and power buttons. The hard drive LED is smaller, sitting next to the reset button, while the blue power LED forms a ring of light around the power button. In the dark, the power LED did not seem so intrusive as to be distracting, though the hard drive LED’s small blinking could be considered by some to be a drawback.