Blockbuster VOD now live on TiVo


And the integration of online services continues…this time with Blockbuster teaming up with TiVo. Interesting to see, given that TiVo already supports Netflix. I like it though, give the consumers the powers and let them decide based on quality not on which box they happened to have with X service.     ZnF Typical digital movie pricing and rental terms […]

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Toshiba REGZA 46SV670U LED LCD Television Review


Toshiba has itself another quality set here, although there is some marketing fluff added in with some of the specs. Doesn’t make it any less quality, but just something to make sure you pay attention to if you’re in the market.   Audioholics One of the more revealing tests we performed on the REGZA 46SV670U was the Rainbow Dither 2/3 […]

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CEATEC 2009 HDGuru Summary


Pretty much this show was all about 3D, which is great if that’s your bag. Some other good display news of course, and here’s a good overview. HDguru CEATEC (Combined Exhibition of Advanced TECnologies) concluded last week in Chiba, Japan. The show’s big highlight, a preview of 3D HDTVs due to launch in 2010. Toshiba and Sharp debuted their respective […]

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Oppo Drops DVD to Focus on Blu-Ray

I don’t think this is nearly as significant as it appears from the title, since Blu-ray players are backwards compatible with DVD movies anyways. Given the current economy of such low-cost DVD players, along with the ridiculous popularity and rave reviews of their Blu-ray units, and it’s not all that surprising at all. HighDef Digest In a recent conversation with […]

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Weekly Podcast Roundup October 15th

Here’s all the Home Theater focused podcasts I could find for the week. As always, if you have any podcasts you like that are in topic, please submit them using the SUBMIT NEWS button on our homepage!   Engadget HD Podcast 159 – 10.13.2009 Podcast musical chairs continues, as Richard returns this week Steve steps out, but never fear — […]

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New Wi-Fi Direct Gets Peer-to-Peer Connections

I’m thinking this type of connection could make for some cool sideshow devices. Maybe even a better standard for Home Automation device. Forget the X10 and ZigBee stuff.     My take: This is great news. Wi-Fi has been hugely successful in helping build home and business networks, but peer-to-peer connectivity has been lacking. Either Bluetooth 3.0 or Wi-Fi Direct […]

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Microsoft releases biggest patch on record

I was hoping to see something mentioning my issue with the offline files feature causing the file server box to disconnect from the network, It happens also when I tried to use CloneDVD to copy its image to a network shared. Disabling IP6 on the NICs helps but then you lose homegroup functionality. Perhaps I need to go back to […]

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LED TVs: 10 things you need to know

You be seeing lots of news and reviews of the LED TV’s, but a lot of people don’t really know very much about the technology and what makes it different than your standard LCD television sets. C|Net has a good bullet list of the major features that make it what it is. C|Net I appreciate a good marketing ploy as […]

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