Redbox Signs Warner Bros. for Redbox Instant


Verizon and Redbox have already indicated that they hope to launch their Redbox Instant streaming service in the next couple of months, but other than stating that they plan to focus on movies rather than TV shows, the companies have not said much about the content they plan to offer. That’s beginning to change. Warner Bros. is the first major […]

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Warner Bros. Offering 1080p Movies on iTunes

Warner Bros.

When Apple announced the third-generation Apple TV back in early March, the company also announced that iTunes would begin offering 1080p movies and TV shows. A number of big studios were quick to begin hawking their even more high-definition wares, but two conspicuously absent studios were Warner Bros. and Fox. Fortunately, Warner Bros. has finally decided to get on-board the […]

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Redbox to Work Around Warner Bros. Waiting Period


Warner Bros. recently took steps to try to double the length of their DVD rental window to 56 days. Redbox, who had signed on with Warner Bros. for the original 28-day release window, has evidently grown weary of Warner Bros.’s efforts to delay DVD rentals because the kiosk-based rental company has decided not to renew their agreement with Warner Bros. […]

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LOVEFiLM Signs Deal With Warner Bros.

Like Napoleonic-era generals, Netflix and LOVEFiLM are marshalling their forces and establishing their positions on the field. Over the last couple of weeks, Netflix has been kicking up the most dust preparing for their entry into the UK and Ireland next year, but now LOVEFiLM is responding by bringing Warner Bros. in on their side of the battlefield. LOVEFiLM’s deal with Warner […]

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Warner Bros. Takes 28 Day Banhammer to Blockbuster


About two years ago, Warner Bros. decided that declining DVD sales were the result of ubiquitous, inexpensive rentals and pushed Redbox into a 28 day delay on new movie rentals. Netflix came next, then Blockbuster Express. Blockbuster had managed avoid a similar agreement, presumably because the company’s bankruptcy proceedings had made the company too weak to push into signing on. Well, […]

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UltraViolet Launch Spurs Changes for Warner Bros. and HBO

HBO Logo

We’ve all encountered instances where a movie, seemingly at random, becomes unavailable from the streaming service or digital storefront of our choice, only to return some time later without explanation. There are a variety of different licensing restrictions that could cause this, but one of the most common causes is special set of licensing restrictions that HBO has traditionally held […]

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