GE Analog to Digital converter


  The digital TV changeover is coming.  It’s been delayed a bit, but the train is coming down the tracks.  In order to be prepared for the inevitable, today we are going to see how the analog to digital converter box from GE fits our needs. INTRODUCTION As you’ve most likely heard by now, broadcast television in the US is […]

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MythTV vs. SageTV Smackdown: Part II


In my prior article, I discussed several topics to consider prior to using either HTPC software package.  This included features, cost, flexible topology, and OS friendliness.  Today, we will cover some of the differences that are found once the software is installed. DOCUMENTATION/SUPPORT: Nothing can be more frustrating than to find yourself beating your head against the wall due to […]

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Unboxing: SageTV HD Theater (HD200)

HD200 - Front

There has been quite some speculation on the SageTV forums about what the next gen SageTV HD extender would encompass since it’s existence was "leaked" in late September.  Everything from an onboard Blu-Ray player, external IR sensor, to a significant reduction in cost was mentioned.  In the end when the HD200 was revealed, what we got was a more compact […]

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back of box_thumb.jpg

Each new technology the crosses path with the rabid HTPC enthusiast seems to be the holy grail. Last year it was QAM tuning and CableCard. With the distaste of these two technologies in our mouth are we ready for a new idol that will be the object of our daily HTPC prayers? Hauppauge has decided the time is right and […]

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QNAP TS-209 Pro II


     QNAP TS-209 Pro II If you find yourself in the market for a NAS, today we are reviewing something that might just fit the bill.  Read on to see if the QNAP TS-209 Pro II will fit your needs.  INTRODUCTION Now that you have your HTPC working the way you want it and you’re starting to build up […]

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MythTV vs. SageTV Smackdown: Part I

MythTV Vs. SageTV

Those of you that have followed my articles in the past know that I’m a Linux fan.  I appreciate it’s flexibility and potential.  I also enjoy a challenge and I don’t mind doing a little digging to solve a problem.  When it came time to hatch a HTPC system for the home, I naturally went with MythTV.  In fact, I’ve […]

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The Battle of the Windows Home Server Systems


Since the first day Microsoft announced Windows Home Server (WHS) was going to be available through OEM Installation Kits, not just strictly by the OEMs, we geeks could not wait to build our own. The hardware requirements were modest enough to where any respectable geek easily could assemble a functional WHS box barely having to buy parts–besides the installation disc, […]

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nMedia HTPCKB Keyboard

nMedia HTPC Keyboad

  nMedia HTPCKB Keyboard and Remote Everyone runs into a time eventually when a remote just isn’t enough to control your HTPC, but you don’t want to clutter things up with mouse and keyboard cables.  Read on to see if nMediaPC’s most recent innovation will fit your needs.  INTRODUCTION nMedia was founded in 2004 with a goal to "create future home entertainment PC […]

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AVerMedia Bravo Hybrid TV Tuner


TV tuner evolution has finally crept to the point where we have combo cards that can tune unencrypted QAM and analog cable at the same time. So why would AVerMedia introduce a hybrid software encoding TV card onto the market? Let’s see if this card, associated features, and price point make sense for the HTPC market of today.     […]

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D-Link DSM-330 DivX Connected Extender


DivX made its name as the first truly popular way to pirat…err….watch compressed movies over your computer. It caused tons of hassles for those of us who had built lower powered HTPC’s, only to have lip sync or stuttering problems as our poor left over 400MHz CPU’s could not handle it. My how times have changed… DivX is arguably the defacto […]

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