Redbox adding UltraHD Blu-ray to kiosks

If you’re in Seattle, Los Angeles, Austin, Detroit, New York City, or Miami Redbox will start offering UltraHD Blu-ray disc rentals at “select location” very soon. The $2.50 price is very reasonable as well. Hope they put Chicago on that list soon. 4K UHD discs are currently available at select locations in Seattle, Los Angeles, Austin, Detroit, New York City […]

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Redbox Signs Warner Bros. for Redbox Instant


Verizon and Redbox have already indicated that they hope to launch their Redbox Instant streaming service in the next couple of months, but other than stating that they plan to focus on movies rather than TV shows, the companies have not said much about the content they plan to offer. That’s beginning to change. Warner Bros. is the first major […]

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Redbox Instant Shooting for Holiday Launch

Redbox and Verizon announced earlier this year that they would be teaming up on a Netflix-style streaming service dubbed Redbox Instant by Verizon. The horrendously named service went into alpha testing over the summer and is apparently still being tested internally by 500 Verzion employees. There are plans for a short public beta, but the emphasis will have to be […]

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Redbox Instant by Verizon Streaming Service Goes Alpha

Redbox Instant by Verizon.PNG

In early February, Redbox dropped a pair of bombshells. The first, the purchase of the Blockbuster Express kiosks, has come and gone and, frankly, no one really noticed, but the second bombshell, the announcement that Redbox would be teaming up with Verizon on a Netflix-like streaming service, promises to provide some lasting fodder. It took nearly five months, but the […]

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Digiboo Launches, Taking on Redbox with Flash Drives


Redbox knocks out one kiosk rental competitor and another one springs up in it’s place. The Morgan Freeman-backed Digiboo movie rental service has launched with kiosks in a handful of airports. Digiboo plans to expand to 7000 kiosks over the next three years, though presumably not just at airports. The basic concept may be similar to Redbox, but there are some fundamental […]

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Redbox Celebrates 2 Billion DVD and Movie Rentals

Redbox 3 Billion

Redbox has taken some big steps this year by buying out their competition and making moves into the streaming business. Evidently the company also has some big numbers to be excited about. The company has announced that they have rented more than 2 billion movie and video game discs over the last several years, and they are celebrating by offering […]

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Redbox to Work Around Warner Bros. Waiting Period


Warner Bros. recently took steps to try to double the length of their DVD rental window to 56 days. Redbox, who had signed on with Warner Bros. for the original 28-day release window, has evidently grown weary of Warner Bros.’s efforts to delay DVD rentals because the kiosk-based rental company has decided not to renew their agreement with Warner Bros. […]

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