brite-View CinemaTube 1080p HD Media Player


Cool little extender here…. I’ve taken a look at several media players here on TestFreaks and today I have another one, but unlike the previous kind I looked at. Today for review I’ve got the brite-View CinemeTube Media Player. You might recognize the name brite-View as I recently reviewed their power line networking kit, that kit was meant to work […]

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ASUS O!Play HD2 quietly arrives at CeBIT 2010


We recently reviewed the original O!Play device and liked it, but as with any first gen product, it can use some improvement. I look forward to comparing this new offering to it. But either way, it’s a good sign that ASUS is staying behind the extender products.   SlashGear We’re presuming the O!Play HD2 is another networked media player, similar […]

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Popcorn Hour A-200


The Popcorn Hour A-200 has not gotten a ton of reviews, but given its relatively new life on the market that’s to be expected. Of course, after Cedia a lot of the buzz was around the Popbox from Syabas, so you will want to consider that before making any investments in this or any other media player. I’m a fan […]

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Mvix announces Ultio Pro media center


Another media extender player device, this one with a twist of adding DVR capabilities. Sure seems to play everything under the sun, and the price seems reasonable as well.   CrunchGear The Ultio Pro supports pretty much every media file format I can think of, including WMA, MKV, and ISO files. In addition to reading your media files off your […]

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Roku Open to a Blu-ray Drive

Now this is an interesting rumor developing, where Roku is thinking about possibly adding support for a blu-ray drive in the future. The price here is the key more so than anything. With Blu-ray drives continuing to drop in price, most people probably would not mind buying the $99 Roku and pairing it with a $100 Wal-mart player. Now, if […]

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Intel Wireless Display is a Happy HTPC Experience


When I first saw the demo of Intel’s newest wireless streaming technology, I knew it had potential! Fellow MVP Barb Bowman got her hands on the Netgear PushTV device and has run it through its paces…and guess what, it’s really cool! The ability to wirelessly connect and stream content from your laptop to your HDTV seems great! Barb Bowman The […]

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