Xbox Takes on Cable, Streaming TV Shows and Movies

The trend towards Xbox being the center of your living room continues, this time with some live sports offerings. Would be pretty interesting what cable’s reaction to something like this would be. I’ve never been much of a fan of the Xbox dashboard as a media hub, but they sure do keep adding content with netflix, twitter and now this…hopefully. […]

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NUU Player runs Boxee on Atom


I’ve not heard of this company before, but they have an innovative little product coming out. It’s a bit costly at $300–which for that price you may be tempted to just spend a bit more and build your own, but the design is pretty minimal if that’s what you’re looking for.   Engadget NUU Media’s NUU player runs the grown-up […]

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Intel’s Wireless HD Technology


This is an interesting technology. I’m not immediately sure of what implications this can have on the HTPC community with all our HTPC’s and Extender devices, but think if your SageTV Extender had this push technology within it, so you could choose when to view what…whether you want to use the built in UI or if you want to send […]

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CES 2010: Hands on with ActiveVideo’s CloudTV

Interesting technology thinking content distribution but managed from the cloud. I see where they’re going with this, but I think if every company used the same "cloud" service, that then the particular manufacturers would lose out on the various UI options at their discretion. The bandwidth sure is there however, so I think time will tell. HighDefDigest The advantage to […]

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Netflix Moves to More Players

When you see reports like this, it really is no wonder that Netflix is doing everything in their power to get the most digitally available movies on the market. I doubt anyone believes they are putting all this effort into getting into your living room device only to have you continue to use the mail movies. Still have a ways […]

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Boxee Box by D-Link Unveiled

I have a hunch we’re going to see a ton of new extender devices in the upcoming days as CES gets ramped up. The Boxee box is pretty unique in design and of course leveraging the popularity of the Boxee software. I actually like it more the more I look at it, and even better news comes with the announcement […]

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Personal Placeshifting Not Yet Dead


Placeshifting never really has taken off. If not for SlingBox, most average consumers probably would have no idea about the technology…but it looks like Avermedia is trying to change that. However, being limited to Avermedia tuners will severely limit the reach of an app like this.   ZnF Similarly, AVerMedia best known for PC tuner cards, has been beta testing […]

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