Movies (Almost) Anywhere

I remember clearly when the first UltraViolet (UV) titles launched. I had followed the development of the UV content ecosystem over several years and was excited to finally be able to start building a digital locker where I would be able to access my entire library in the cloud without the hassle of disc based backup to burned discs or […]

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Warner Bros. Offering 1080p Movies on iTunes

Warner Bros.

When Apple announced the third-generation Apple TV back in early March, the company also announced that iTunes would begin offering 1080p movies and TV shows. A number of big studios were quick to begin hawking their even more high-definition wares, but two conspicuously absent studios were Warner Bros. and Fox. Fortunately, Warner Bros. has finally decided to get on-board the […]

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Apple Adds “Complete My Season Pass” to iTunes

Complete my Season Pass

Here’s one from the “I can’t believe they shipped without this feature” file. Apple has offered Season Pass for a while now. With Season Pass, one can purchase an entire season of a show, usually at a discount over buying every individual episode, which is fine if you know that you want to pony up for an entire season up front. However, […]

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Comparison of Paid Video Streaming Services Updated

Streaming Video Services Comparison

Which video service is right for you? Are you looking for a pure streaming play and trying to decide between Netflix and Hulu Plus? Perhaps you prefer to rent or buy your videos and are trying to decide between iTunes or VUDU. Maybe Amazon Prime Instant Video, with its bit of everything approach is the best of all worlds. Fortunately, […]

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Unhappy with UltraViolet? Flixster Suggests iTunes

UltraViolet, Hollywood’s fledgling digital movie locker service, launched a little over month ago, and it wasn’t long before the negative reviews started rolling in. Warner Bros. is UltraViolet’s biggest proponent and the Warner Bros. owned Flixster is the only outlet for UltraViolet content. Warner Bros. and Flixster need a hit to make UltraViolet a success and start turning the tide of […]

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iTunes Match Reaching Out to Apple TV

Apple TV owners have another reason to update their devices to version 4.4.2. Updated Apple TVs are receiving an option to connect to iTunes Match through a new top-level Music section. I had assumed that iTunes Match would work with every iOS device, but it is still nice to see it in action on the Apple TV even if the […]

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iTunes Gets The Office 10 Years Late

The Office

The UK version of the The Office is celebrating its tenth anniversary and to help with the festivities the BBC is making all 14 original episodes available on iTunes for the first time. Besides launching Ricky Gervais into the spotlight and serving as the inspiration for one of the most popular sitcoms in the United States, The Office has had […]

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