Meridian Invites Fans to Trade Up to the 800 Reference Series

Meridian Reference 818 Audio Core

Meridian recently released the 818 Reference Audio Core, their new integrated pre-amp and the most recent addition to the 800 Reference Series, rounding out the lineup of high-end audiophile gear. In celebration, Meridian is offering a trade up program allowing folks to trade up from a selection of previous generation CD players and controllers and apply the value toward the […]

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Yamaha Android and IOS A/V Controller App

Yamaha has just released a new update to their RX-V Receiver app. The new app re-named AV Controller, now supports both Android and Apple iOS devices. You can now control your AV receivers inputs, volume, mute, you name it. I for one am extremely excited that AV manufactures are moving this route. The thought of having every single piece of […]

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playGo USB Music Streaming Device


Could this be a viable competitor to the Sonos?  I’m not so sure.  I will absolutely give this company credit for two things.  First, this is designed, manufactured, and hand-assembled in the U.S.  Second, the case is actually made out of DuPont Corian.  Yes, the same stuff they make countertops out of!  Looking at their–somewhat sparse–website, it doesn’t mention any […]

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